Sirio Berati

Visual Artist

sirio berati foto portret.JPG

My name is Sirio Berati. I’m an Albanian visual artist living in Montreal, Canda. Basically, I call my self that as I have been exploring many realms of art, many fields, mediums and explored a variety of themes, even though my work focuses mainly on photography and film making.

When it comes to themes which pinpoint me as an artist, Identity is for sure is the main embodiment of my art. It all started last year when I held my very first accomplished exhibition. I mean, really, it started four years ago where I got exposed to photography, but I call the establishment of my exhibition one of my hugest achievements which officially identifies me as a visual artist.


Starting from experimenting with different mediums such as sculpture, oil paintings, digital photography and video production, my work is associated with an emotional narrative while I tackles the notion of identity.My aim as an artist is to explore my ideas through different stages of self-development and show the process that ones identity undergoes in order for adapting to the world.

I'm not a "classic" photographer. However, in my work I do portray a some dimensions of photography. You can check my portfolio here.