Sirio Berati

"Approaching Chaos" is an exhibition of 13 outcomes that differ in medium but follow coherently the theme of identity. "Approaching Chaos" presents a typography installation, a human head sculpture, an acrylic painting and 5 different digital photographic series: Descending into the Blue Void, Blue Klein Sea, In the stormy skied and finally Impeded by cultural taboo. Even though the pieces are significantly different in the way they are presented, unfold and created, together they follow a quite complex and a coherent narrative of self realization. Sirio's intention with "Approaching Chaos" is to explore his ideas through different stages of self development and show the process of adapting to the new world, in which Descending into the Blue Void clearly narrates.


By looking at self identity Sirio's work was initially inspired by Grayson Perry, when talking about class and taste, but it moved through a different direction when he discovered Ian Macarthur and the implementation of his culture in his works, which is the foundation of this exhibition. Explicitly, the central theme of the exhibition is identity due to the fact that Sirio sees culture as the main variable which makes one’s work quite personal.


Many earth colors like in Blue Klein Sea and natural elements are used on Sirio's works, such as planets or landscapes in Vanquish the wave of fear, as Sirio wants the viewers to visually enjoy the juxtaposition of the reality presented to them.

The whole concept of my exhibition is to show my process of adapting to the world though facing my fears and insecurities during the stages of my adolescence.