Believe It Or Not, I Entered The Realm Of Magic, Though Photoshop.

As a visual artist, my aim is to always explore new concepts, fields of art or digital photography, experiment with my abilities to create and constantly come up with something unique and qualitative. As a visual artist, I don’t only have one niche to focus, even though I like to talk about identity and implement philosophy with a narrative behind in my works. However, today I would like to show you some edits that were not even part of my agenda.

Megi Pojani, Photography, 2019, Tiranë (unedited pictures)

It all started as a simple photoshoot with Megi Pojani, an Albanian Show Girl/Influencer. After I got my hands on the pictures and started retouching/color correcting them, I knew something was missing. After a long process of thought, I added my magic, literally, I mean… look at them yourself!

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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